Let’s make our suburb cleaner or how I made my waste bins close up

We are used to showering for no longer than 3 minutes. We buy low energy consumption household appliances. We switch off our power at the wall when we go to bed. We install solar panels to save power. We put all junk mail into recyclable bin (lots of junk mail). We laundry only full load on max 40 degrees. Why do we do this all? Because we are trying to protect NATURE. We do not ask ourselves why. We do it all because we care about our suburb, our country, our planet!!! But do we really?

Are we doing enough to save our planet from being covered in rubbish and waste that we generate? On average every Australian generates 2,2 tonnes of domestic waste a year. Can you imagine how big that pile of waste is? Maybe 10 meters high? And that’s per person per year! Now do your maths and you will be shocked!

I personally was so annoyed with our household when every week our bins were overfilled and the lids would not fully close up. I did not understand where all this waste was coming from. Of course I do know where it all comes from. It comes from the world of consumption, promotion and “buy 1 get 2nd free” places. I started analysing our habits and firmly decided I want to live differently. I want to minimise my household waste, although ideally I would love to get rid of it all together. So, this is what I have done so far:

1. Plastic bags. You would agree with me that this is the biggest waste of this world. Why do we keep using plastic bags in the shops when all civilised countries have already banned it. I bought a number of canvas bags, re-usable bags and always have a few in my handbag for occasional shopping. That’s minus 1000 plastic bags per year for my household.

2. Packaging. I stopped buying pre-packaged food. All those foam trays and plastic wrapping is a complete waste. I use my canvas bags to buy fruit and veggie. I also buy various bulk products in a shop where they give you paper bags to fill with nuts, cereals and flour. There is one in Willetton if you are interested.

3. Old kids clothes. Give your beloved clothes that your kids do not fit in to your friends, they will really appreciate it. Do not throw it in the bin.

4. Unnecessary household objects. We do have stuff we do not use and most of the time we throw it in the bin. DON’T! Take it to Salvos stores. It’s a great place to get rid of still good but not necessary goods. I have picked up a few very cute dinning plates for the coming big party at our house there. That was just a few dollars. Recommend!

5. Clothes and shoes. I buy it only when I really need it. Do not overfill your walk in robe with STUFF that was on sale, cheap or “I do not have this color in my wardrobe yet” kind of purchases. You will still be wearing the most comfortable shoes and the most easy to take care of clothes.

6. Kids toys. Kids toys library is a great thing. You save money and you can afford changing your toys as often as you like. There is one in Leeming, Gosnells and Willetton. Google it!

7. Recycling. I always rinse all containers and remove food scraps before throwing my recyclable waste into the bin. Only put loose items in. No plastic bags are allowed in the recyclable bin. Canning city recycles plastics 1 to 5. Check the marking on the back of the plastic containers. Check other Council recycling rules and follow them. You can even recycle your used foil (which was a surprise to me).

8. Food scraps. Oh yes, we love our food. We generate tons of food scraps that start eating up our space on the planet. We now have a WORMERY, or a Worm Café. Most of our food scraps go in there. These small but hard working creatures are eating for 23 hours and reproducing for 1 hour to make me the most beautiful fertiliser for our tomatoes and roses. It costed us a little to start it up (we bought ours in Bunnings) but so be it.

9. Alkaline batteries. No, you cannot put your used alkaline batteries in your yellow bin! I take mine to work where they have a collection point for them. You can take yours to the closest Battery World shop or drop them at the Radford Road Waste Transfer station.

10. And finally, do not buy disposable plastic tableware. If you love having big parties in your house, like we do, stock up your long lasting plates, glasses, folks and knives. You can buy durable plastic ones that look great and will serve you for life.

You know what, my bins are closing up now! I wrote this article to trigger some thinking. I do not expect that I can change the world overnight. However, if it makes some people think about what they can do to lower the 10 meter pile to 5 meters, then our country and the Planet will become cleaner. Let’s make small efforts and achieve big results!

Everyone can make a difference!


My New Year Resolutions

It’s always easier to start a new life from January. It happens naturally that people make lists of goals they want to achieve in the new year and maybe some new things they want to try.
I have been making my own list in my own mind for a month now. I even wrote it down in my little organiser the other day. And now I have a list of things to keep me busy in 2015. However I wanted to share them with you, my friends, as I know when you commit publically, you are on the hook to deliver!!!
So here it is, without any order of precedence or preference:
1. Be FIT. To me it means exercise 3 times a week. I do 2 gyms and one P&T training at lunch times.
2. Eat less sugar. I have cut on chocolate and sweets completely. This and exercising helped me lose about 1,5 kilos already.
3. Travel more than last year. Margaret River is booked for Easter. New Zealand is in the making for July. Gold Coast is a maybe for October!
4. Do at least 5 family photo sessions in support of my fund. Next photo session is planned for 1 March afternoon. Please shout if you want to have one. http://curecancer.gofundraise.com.au/page/HobbyforCureCancer
5. Meet a lot of new people from different spheres. And make 3 good friendships.
6. Join a club. I am thinking a photo club at this stage. Have not done much in this space yet.
7. Keep in touch with my existing friends and acquaintances.
8. Buy a house. That’s in preparation for the retirement. Ask me about this if you are interested.
9. Leave less waste behind. We are drowning in household waste every week. Two bins we have is not enough for our small household, can you believe this? I started to think differently, I now think how I can do without an excessive packaging and thousands of plastic bags!!! First thing I did, I bought a few canvas bags and already went shopping with no plastic!!! Looking for shops selling wholesale and less packaged items! Thinking of sewing cotton bags for bulk products that are sold in Kakoulas Bros’ etc.
10. Start writing our family history book. It is a two year project for me and I started collecting information last year (does not count). But I have not started putting it together.
11. Write in my Live Journal more! I find that this is a kind of self-reflection that helps me clear my mind. So here I am…
12. Arrange big parties in our home. We have just had one great party ala James Bond aka Kino, Vino and Domino celebrating Oleg’s birthday. It was a great success. So we will keep it up. The next one is on 8 March. It’s a multicultural food festival!!!
13. Write articles to newspapers or magazines. Not sure what about and which magazines, but there is such desire.
14. Do our kitchen make-over. We continue our house re-decoration, so I thought the kitchen would be a great achievement for this year if we dare touching it!
15. Do other mini-improvement-projects to make our home cosy. One has been done already and will be shared soon! It is just awesome!!!
16. Listen, listen, listen. Times and times again I catch myself not listening to what people are saying but giving advice. I need to stop doing it!!! Who cares about my advice! People want to be heard!
17. Cook something new every month. That’s a daring resolution considering my cooking skills and desire to cook are on the bottom of my to do list. But I thought we need a bit of woomf in our culinary traditions. Let’s see what comes out of it. Happy to consider your suggestions what is worthwhile cooking!
18. Grow professionally. That’s a big statement. My focus topics for this year are leadership and coaching.
19. Say thank you and I am sorry 3 times more than I do now! Just bloody say it, it’s not so hard!
20. Make at least 3 photo books.
21. Grow our own veggies. We already do, but can do more. Especially the greens.

Shall I stop here?! I have more things in my mind.

Now, this is important, my friends!!! All these things need to happen above and beyond our normal routine life. They take extra effort, extra planning, extra of extra))) But I am sure if one wants to achieve something one will find the time, the will power and the money to do it all or most of it, with the help of the family of course and the people around us. So my take on it is: If I don’t do these, then why live at all?

Have a great year!
Hugs and kisses

Parking lot for my bucket list:
1. Live for a year in Spain and learn Spanish
2. Work in Canada for 3 years
3. Travel to New-York
4. Visit my friend in Vancouver and have hot chocolate with crickets with her!
5. Travel around the world.
6. To be continued

My new collection...

No, I did not start collecting antiques, or books, not even paintings (although I wish I had money to do that).
I started collecting business ideas in my head (and my red book). Here is my current list and I do have a favor to ask you my friends for: Please tell me what you think of my ideas and maybe you want to share some crazy ideas of your own, would highly appreciate!

Forget about how to do it for a moment and how much investment it requires, OK?

Here we go:

1. Selling children shoes. Why? Because there is a big gap in the market. At least I cannot find anything of a good quality at a reasonable price. Having said that, quality and price never go together in Australia, so any product that has a good combination of these two main characteristics will be a winner.

2. Photo freelance. This one is quite self-explanatory. I thought I could convert my hobby into money. Photograph kids birthday parties, do studio shots for Christmas and Easter etc.

3. Open a Coffee shop. Australians cannot survive their mornings and some of them their afternoons without their cuppa! Why not make it a business. No matter how many of those are around, an interesting place with not so expensive coffee will be a hit! I know one client who would be permanently residing there...his name starts with O.

4. Tours to Russia (just kidding...probably not the most profitable business and I may lose my Australian citizenship in the current political climate)

5. Sell summer ladies hats (and children’s too). Eventually I can even produce my own. I came up with it because of the huge sun exposure here and my big struggle to find a hat that I could wear to work. In my opinion this could be a profitable business if the hats were stylish and not expensive.

6. Writing kids books. Would I dare? I would, but this is hardly a profitable idea, but very inspirational!

7. Consulting. What could I consult in? How to survive in Australia?)) Could be interesting to other immigrants? (not)

8. Blogging. Seems to be big at the moment. Need to find a niche topic that would attract millions of readers…there are different possibilities that need to be explored.

9. A cafe or a restaurant with authentic Russian food. Guess who will be cooking?)))

Well, that’s my list as of today. The more I keep thinking about it the more I want to start my own business. Share your thoughts in this area, PLEASE!

Buy a nice small leather red note book and put all your ideas into it as soon as you get inspired. It helps to focus and not to lose your thoughts. This is what I did.


My books, my obsession…

I am a photographer (an amateur or a hobbyist?!) who never prints her photos. How many thousands of nice and not very nice photos I shoot every year, probably 10 Gb of them already! I told you already why I do not print. I just think they are not good enough to hang them on the wall!!!

But…I found a way to still convert them from the digital form to a more tangible form and secretly hide in a cupboard or give away to family……and that is in the form of a photo book!

I am obsessed with creating books. I have made 4 last year and 1 this year and I am really proud of myself. I think a photo book is the best way to capture the family history. Remember those old photo albums with pieces of old yellow paper on each corner holding the photographs? The photographs are already pretty dated and faded, some of them cracked because the family moved so many times and these poor buggers were out and in so many albums. Those days are over. We live in the digital world and to make a photo book that will look luxurious and will never ever fade is so easy with a couple of clicks of a button. All right, probably more clicks than a couple and yes it’s hard when you have a little one hanging off your leg or arm, but anything is possible when you really want it!

Having said that I did plan to write (I do have one that I actually wrote!) another book after we came back from Margaret River in July, but the photos are still on the card and I am procrastinating like I’ve never done before. I will get there eventually though. I have even bigger plans in mind in terms of book making...if only the day was a bit longer!!!

Now, here they are, my books! If you want to know which resource I use, it is Blurb. I stumbled at it on the web one day and could not go anywhere else as they are amazing!


It all started with a gift to Oleg's father who spent two months with us nearly 2 years ago. I wanted him to remember good moment of his visit. And he did! He was really thankful for the gift!

And them was Oleg's day to remember

After that one Felix was born and as any mom I photographed him nearly every day and had a book made with the first two months of his life

After that I have opened my writer's talent with this fairy tale (in Russian)

And to close off the photos of 2013 I decided to make a book of anything else that did not fit in the first 4 books.
I do do do do recommend everyone to make at least one book per year to capture those precious moments of your contemporary life (not sure if this is the right word, but I mean life in this moment in time). Word cannot express how happy our families are to get a copy of one of those books. Especially that we live in different hemispheres and see each other once a year if that.

We are all happy snappers and post photos on Instagram and Facebook nearly every day, go ahead and make a book of them! How fantastic can this be!

I can go on and on about this, but I guess I got my point across.Photo Books FOREVER!!!!

And here is why I do it...because of him and his sister and the generation after them.



Even a little project completed to my satisfaction brings a bit of joy in my life. While Felix is having his beauty morning nap I shall quickly share this with you.

A couple of years ago Sofia came home from school and told me she saw a box of old photo frames sitting on the kerb. Obviously someone wanted to get rid of them. I sent a mission to pick those up. Since then this box was sitting in the garage collecting spider web.

The time has come to dust the web off the frames and bring them back to life. I must confess I rarely print my photos and hang them on the walls as I always think they are not good enough to hang. This time I decided to hang them anyway as there was a nook in the guest bedroom that was empty and dull.

And here is the result. I spray painted them flat white and then when they were dry rubbed a bit with the course paper to age them. I am happy with the result.
There is space to hang some other stuff there as it still looks empty to me, but I think it’s a good start.

Here are the frames ready to be spray painted.

Find time to spend on things that bring you a sense of achievement!


P.S. Not long until the bathroom will be revealed! It turns out awesome!

Bad cars/Good cars/Avoid our mistakes!!!!

I normally do not write about my problems. I don’t want people to get loaded with my problems on top of their own. But this time I want to share because this is a lesson we learnt and I want others to know it.

We never had a new car in our life. Having lived on the Sakhalin Island, which is a stone throw from Japan, all our lives we were used to driving second hand Japanese cars. You cannot go wrong with those cars. They have limited kilometres as Japan is such a small country. They are in good condition as the roads are perfect and the climate is mild. They are normally well maintained. So even if you buy a 10 year old Japanese second hand car you are guaranteed you are safe for another ten years and you will not need a major service unless you are an idiot and get into an incident, which we are not of course.

Having moved to Australia we had a lot more opportunities, including buying a house and also buying a new car. This was our 10th year anniversary…not actually 9th anniversary when Oleg decided I need a car, my own, my firs own car!!! We were all very excited. Probably too excited to think straight as we ended up in a Citroen dealership selecting a NEW car!!! We had the money so we thought why not, we live only once!

The dealer was a great Romanian guy, a perfect salesman who talked us into buying a Citroen C4. I was over the moon. Having my own NEW car was absolutely crazy feeling. It smelt perfume and was shiny Lucifer Rouge colour!!! (Red in simple language).

Fast forward 3 years and I started having issues with it. Once, going on 100K on a freeway, the gear suddenly switched from 4 to 3 and the car jumped as if it got kicked by a big truck from the back. I panicked. I had to stop in the emergency lane and calm down as I was not sure what’s happening and what I should do. When I switched it off and on again, the problem was gone. This happened a couple more times but I was not that scared anymore.
Soon after, the oil started leaking from the engine area. I had to arrange for the oil spill response as my garage floor was covered in oil. So we gave the car to the service dealership for a warranty repairs. Thinking they will do a full diagnostics and remove all issues with the car.

We got it back and it was driving fine. Soon after purchasing it I realised I needed a more powerful car and 1,6L is not enough for my driving style, but this is another story.

Here we are, two months after the warranty expired, we have that transmission problem again! And it happens twice a day now. We take it to the service again and face a bill of $1,000. And by the way, the warranty has expired two months ago, so you need to pay it yourself!!! Great!

This car runs on premium fuel. The perfect salesman forgot to mention it to us and we only realised it when we went to fill the tank! Oops, thanks for not telling us! We, stupid Japanese cars drivers, did not even think to ask, bummer.

Cut the story short, I love my car…still. Because it’s my first own New car. We will never ever again buy a new car…and, God forgive, will never buy a Citroen!!!! There are a lot better cars and more reliable in the market and if I knew what would happen with it after three years and 30,000 km I would not have fallen into the trap of a European car luxury. (note: We cannot afford a BMW or a Mercedes, no offense to those guys)

I am thinking of selling it now and reverting back to our old habits. Anyone wants it?

Please share with your friends and family this sad story. It is an emotional story as this car meant a lot to me.

Stay positive! Even if you lose money or your expectations are broken.


P.S. Oleg has got a 10 year old Mitsubishi Delica just a couple of month ago and is happy with it. I love to drive it too! It did require a $1,000 service the other week, but it is 10 years old!!!

Here I am, a happy owner of a new car in our Adelaide house!

Our sweet home new reno project.

I am so excited about our new renovation project!!!

It is winter and we have a one year old. These are two main reasons why we decided to fall deep into our sweet home renovation. Winter and Felix stop us from doing outdoorsy things we love to do. So why not make our home a better place to live. Besides it needs a reno anyway as we’ve been living here for three years and still have not repainted the rainbow walls we have here and there.

But before I tell you about the exciting new project, I wanted to share the project that we have just recently finished by hanging the ’gem’, I found on Gumtree, the mosaic wall mirror. Gumtree is the local classifieds which we are often visitors of as we believe that things that are in good condition can be and should be re-used, plus they cost much less. So this ‘gem’ is now hanging in the laundry room which serves also as hand washing room for the second toilet. We completed this project within 3 days during this past Easter.

Every time I go to the laundry now (and I do it several times a day considering this one year old makes a big mess of his clothes and it’s winter and the towels do not dry properly) I feel proud of both of us as I really love the result.

Some people hire trades to do the work. And then trades do not come on time, do not bring the right tools or miss the mark completely. We figured it is cheaper and gives more satisfaction to DIY.

We have been brave enough this time to not only re-paint the walls (this we have been doing for quite a while in this house and the Adelaide house too), but also re-surface the bench top (we found an amazing kit that converts your old laminated bench top into a stone top...well not real of course, but looks great), cut out part of the bench top and install a new tall shelves unit; paint the tiles and the laminated cabinetry doors. Now the cabinetry looks like it is one set, however we just updated the old and made it look new.

Not taking into account our time of course, the cost of the reno was about $1400 (included paint and paint accessories, re-surfacing kit, a tall shelves unit, one wall shelves unit, new light, new door knob, taps and the miracle mirror that costed me $20 dollars!!! Oh what a feeling!!! Here’s how it looks now.



I love the nautical anchor we already had. I bought it to put in Sofia’s nautical room, which never happened. So it just was travelling around the house trying to find the right spot and it did!


Oleg's spare tooth brush for 4:30 am workday.


And my 'GEM'. Isn't it beautiful?!


Now a few words about our NEW exciting project. The new project is to renovate Sofia’s bathroom. We decided to go bold this time and will have a black basin top, a very expressive (but inexpensive) roller shutter and interesting cabinetry door pulls. We are using the same technique to update the basin top and the cabinetry. We will also be changing the shower door, which will be half of the total budget. All materials are sourced locally or on the web, but should all look great on a reasonable budget! Thanks to my handy man who can install, replace, repaint, drill, plumb and connect anything in this world we get it done when we want and the way we want. I am so happy and grateful to have such a handy husband!!!

Watch this space…the new project will unfold here soon.

Improve your home! This is one of the biggest satisfactions ever!



P.S. We can make a "Future Projects" list out of all ideas we are currently discussing. There is always something to do in this house!

I declare a war to the cold sores and viruses!

“Enough is enough”, - I told myself when I got a cold sore second time within the period of three weeks. My immune system must be so down that it can’t resist the biggest evil of this world – VIRUSES.

I thought about how I can boost my immune system and of course there are simple ways: get enough sleep, eat well blab la bla…

That does not do the trick for me. I do sleep well and I do eat well (maybe too well and too much). So I decided to get help from the nature. Here is my choice of nature goodness:

1. Bee Pollen. I have been taking a tea spoon daily but not regular enough, so it did not work. I commit myself to take a tea spoon a day every day for at least 3 months!

2. Organic Spirulina powder. What a bad sounding name. It reminds me of something rotten and disgusting. Well…as a matter of fact it is something very disgusting but apparently full of nutrients, vitamins, protein and god knows what else. THE SUPER FOOD of all super foods. Will give it a go. I commit myself to take at least one tea spoon a day of this miracle powder for at least 3 months!

3. American Ginseng. Well, we come from the far east of Russia and we know all about the Chinese Ginseng, “The root of life” etc. Apparently this miracle root has no influence on the sexuality. I guess the Chinese made this myth to promote it to the world. However, it does have so much goodness that you cannot go past it. I commit myself to take a tea spoon of Ginseng powder daily for at least 3 months!

4. I also take fish oil capsules but also not regular enough. I commit myself to take at least 4 fish oil capsules daily for at least 3 months!

Besides all that I take some stress resistant vitamins that I got as a present at one of the corporate parties and Berocca tablets that are supposed to help me live more active!

I also promise to myself to quit drinking wine during the working week for at least….well …hard to commit myself here…. I will park this for a moment)))

I will eat less sweet staff and more good staff… Am I really saying this????

All right, enough of commitment. Now time to go and do it. See you in three months. Will advise you if my selection of the wonder nature products worked!

Stay healthy and happy!


Home is where they cook and bake for the loved ones…

Oleg always says that it is nice when it smells food at home. I guess when there is food then there is peace and your soul is comforted. In the old days it was the smell of freshly baked bread. Unfortunately we do not bake bread at home anymore (at least not all of us), but in our home we do do bake cakes (all sorts of them). I wrote about my baker mania before. I should say after Felix was born I still have the urge to bake something once in a while. This is my way of creating the feel of a real home (as I cannot really cook).

When I was a child, my mum baked all the time. I remember her famous cake Napoleon made of thousands of thin layers and lined with the most delicious icing ever! This was a special New Year cake and was the top hit in the family and among friends. There were other masterpieces like cake “Skazka” (a “Fairy tale”), “Yagodka” (“Berry) and more.
I know that Oleg’s mum baked a lot too. I have tasted their famous family cake “Medovik” (“Honey cake”) on every special occasion and all so loved “pirozhki” and “belyashi” (meat pies).

I want my children to have good memories of their mum baking for them and for the whole family. Sofia is already an experienced baker and enjoys it. I am a very proud mum indeed. Felix will grow and will help me with my creations no doubt.

So, today I had a pineapple that was rotting in the fruit vase, so I decided to bake a tea cake with pineapple.

I used:

For the dough (this dough is simple but very tasty. I use it for my savoury cheese cake)
120-150 g of unsalted butter at room temperature
1 cup self-rising flour
3 tbl spoon of sour cream.

Cut butter in small cubes and mix it with butter. Easier to do it with your hands. Then add sour cream and form the dough. You will need to knead it a bit on a table. Make a ball and put in the fridge.

For the filling:

1/4 pineapple sliced and cut into triangles.
Beat 3 eggs with 5 tea spoons of sugar. Then add about 3-4 tbl spoons of thickened cream and beat a bit longer. Add a couple of tbls spoons of self-rising flour to the mixture.

Roll out your dough and put in a 23 cm form covering the walls (I could not find my 23cm one so I used a smaller one). Put pineapples on the bottom and cover with a bit of sugar and cinnamon. I put a layer of cottage cheese on top, but that is optional. Pour your mixture over and put the form in the oven for 45-50 minutes on 180C until the top is golden brown.

Here is the result. Hope my family loves it!

Bake for your family to show them your love.


My new project

Today I went shopping. Yes it’s winter again and Sofia’s complaining about her frozen fingers every morning when she goes to school so I had to buy her the ‘varezhki’ (read ‘gloves’). But I had another thing to buy.
I was looking for a keep sake box!!!!

It took me a bit more than 30 years (just a bit more) to start value my past. And when I say my past I mean my background, my roots and everything connected with it. I suddenly realised how important it is to preserve the family history. I have been coming to this thought slowly and started collecting Sofia’s letters to Ded Moroz (read’ Santa Claus’) when we moved to Australia. Unfortunately I did not save her first drawing or her first writing and a lot of cards that our friends gave us for all big or small events in our life. I could use the excuse that we only had 60 kg allowance on baggage when we arrived to this continent, however to my big shame I just did not save all those things. They are gone, trashed in a bin.

Thanks to my passion to photography I do have a lot documented in photos. My student life, Sofia’s early days (although the quality of photos are not that great and I lost a period from 6 to 18 month thanks to my superior computer skills), our trips abroad and New Year parties, and of course our wedding. I hope that by saving these photos we are saving who we are and what we are worth and our children and grandchildren and even grand grandchildren will be proud of us for doing this.

I looked into my genealogy. Thanking the heavens that my dear granny Tatiana (Tanya) is still alive and is in good memory as she has written to me about every relative she remembers of. The history goes to her grandmother Petrishina Tatiana (Tanya) who was born in the end of the 19th century. If you think about it…how did people live in 1879 when she was born?!! Surely it was hard life back then but how hard we cannot comprehend with our minds. Similar to this when our grandchildren think about their past they will be asking the same questions. I see my mission as preserving the history for the future generations.

I started building up our history with the help of other people. My granny gave me her dearest photos of her and her husband, the house she was born in and a couple of photos of her mother. Oleg brought some photos of his childhood and his parents young days from home. I found a number of photos of my childhood. My father is writing his side of the history and I have a plan how to get a story out of Oleg’s mum. Bit by bit we will pull all the puzzle pieces together and create a beautiful picture. My ultimate goal is to write a book. But that’s a long term plan.
Interesting fact, I am the third Tatiana in our history (as far as we know it). If this pattern followed my granddaughter should be called Tatiana. Actually, I would not mind that.

Here is the box I created to keep my family puzzle pieces. Very simple and put together within an hour or so.


Off to fulfilling my mission.

Keep the dearest pieces of your family history. Find a nice place for them in your heart and in your home. Even if you do not understand why it is important now, you will in the future!!!!

See you soon.

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